Terms and conditions of service use.

I. Account
1. Users are allowed to create multiple accounts, accounts that have not been active for more than 3 months, we have the right to delete them from the system.
2. It is not allowed to share premium accounts for many users, in case the account is detected, it will be permanently disabled.
3. The account should use an active Email address to update notifications or receive a link to activate a premium account after payment.

II. Content
1. Free content users are allowed to share and exchange, we are not responsible for the copyright of these content.
2. Premium content is understood as paid content provided to premium members, this content users can exchange or share after we disseminate at least 30 days.
3. The sharing of paid content is limited due to copyright issues and directly affects the author, members sharing too many times is considered a deliberate violation of the terms in these cases. permanently disabled
4. Direct link sharing from our hosting servers is not allowed.
5. Users are allowed to share article links on social networks.

III. Membership packages
1. Membership packages that are digital products are non-refundable once paid
2. Premium members are not allowed to share the account with other users, in case of violation, the account will be permanently disabled
3. Do not use stolen or fake credit cards to make payments. In these cases, the payment will be canceled and the account will be disabled permanently.
4. We are allowed to change or add benefits of membership packages on the basis of increasing benefits or limiting some benefits within a certain period of membership packages.
5. The benefits of membership packages are not allowed to be canceled, in case of canceling the membership package, the activated members will have full benefits at the time of activation and maintain until the end of the service. , or be transferred to a new membership package with the same benefits.
6. Subscription membership packages will automatically end at the end of the service period, so please renew before the end time to enjoy the benefits, renewal after the end time will not be enjoy service renewal incentives.

Admin Team